Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is in it for me?

Is the title a selfish statement? Or is it something that you subconsciously practice, but feel there is a stigma attached to admitting it? I ask because I've been the strange one before, I freely think AROUND the box and its dawned on me that I do NOTHING without something being in it for me.

I don't think its a selfish statement.... for instance: I give because the bible commands me to do so. I will do anything for my fellow human being if its within my power to do so. If a person is on the street and says they are hungry, I'll go out of my way to buy them a meal and other examples such as this. What it is in it for me? The bible says "to whom much is given, much is required" or "you are your brother's keeper". The question then becomes, do you ask yourself what is in it for you or is the question unconscious.

Would you volunteer to help a friend who has no family and is struggling with cancer alone? Or would you wait to be asked, or do you have the demeanor whereby a person would even think to ask you? What would be in this gesture for you?

Would you open your home for a friend or family member to stay with you? What would you get out of it?

Just some things to muse over.


Anonymous said...

I found your link through The Compact. you seem to be a kind hearted person of faith. I also believe it is good to challenge ourselves with the questions you have purposed.

An atheist friend of mine told me once she did not believe there was such a thing as true altruism, I disagreed although the augment could be made that the reason I love giving is that my return is a joyful and content heart - thus my return?

To ansuer your question I have done all the things you have mention and then some not only because I am commanded to but because it is a wonderful thing to do when I can serve someone anomalously it is even better!

I am not concerned with storing up my rewards in Heaven I lay that at the foot of the Cross. I do however feel strongly that to see a need and not meet it would be selfish. Maybe it is my upbringing, maybe my Christian faith and the desire I have to see a social church as in the book of Acts I truly don't know. but whenever I can give I will and I will continue to hope and pray others do the same.

I hope your blog stirs the hearts of those who ask "what is in it for me" to face the tough questions as you have and hopefully see a bigger picture.

I look forward to following your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

This is Don, in Mississippi. I can honestly say that i have done things and do things for others with out wondering what is in it for me and i feel great after i do it and that is the reason that i continue to help others.