Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Joyful and Joyous Occasion

I've had about 24 hours to let it sink in that Barack Hussein Obama is now the President Elect of these United States of America. I've had my own private moments of reflection and I've witnessed others public thoughts as well as expressing mine on many online forums. I've heard of others overwhelming disappointment and I've reflected as long as I can before writing my entry in my blog.

The question most asked of me is did I vote for President Elect Obama because of his race. I'm disappointed when I am asked this question. I'm intelligent, well spoken, well read and I remind the questioner of these attributes when color comes up. I don't think in terms of color, until I'm reminded of the fact that my color doesn't represent the majority. This is different from my progenitors who could never imagine a life where their color wasn't the first and last thing a person thought of them. I'm rather taken aback that color or race would be my motivation to vote for someone. If that was the case, I wouldn't have participated in every voting opportunity since I was 18. NO I didn't vote for Obama because of his color. Especially since his heritage is multi-cultural and multi-racial. I however am proud of what he stands for, how he represents the Democratic party, and as I stood in my voting booth casting my early vote, I silently reflected on the sacrifices members of my family made so that I could stand there and have opportunity to vote for Obama. As I pressed the box in front of his name, I did so in memory of Everette and Wenonah!

Next question people ask me, as if we're playing 20 questions, what exactly does he stand for if it isn't for the plight of black people. What plight? But again I remind the person asking the question that Black people are the minority in this country. If not for the votes of Americans, of all colors, he wouldn't be President Elect. Whatever ceiling black people may have felt confined under, there is a crack where the chandelier is, its coming down on January 20, 2009. I've never been a Black person who thought I couldn't accomplish something, just because of the color of my skin, not going to start entertaining such a notion now.

Finally, I've heard he's unGodly. To which I hear crickets. I need definition of that one... to even properly address the claim. Here we have a lame duck in office who stole the election to get his seat and we're entertaining claims on the Godliness of someone. I see Obama as a God fearing Christian, one who is a family man, who loves his wife of 16 years, together they are raising 2 beautiful daughters who, by the way were conceived under the confines of marriage and who honors and esteems his family. Ungodly? Help me understand where the thought even came from.

I'm proud to be an American today. I'm proud to be a Black American today and I'm proud to claim Barack Obama as an able bodied representative to my political AND religious beliefs. May God bless him and his family. May God protect him and his family. Hide them under the shadow of His wing as we know there is a price on his head. May God grant him discernment and wisdom, prepare him mentally and physically for the task before him is my humble prayer.