Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm a little slow

But I've learned that slow and steady win the race. Its been a little over a month since I posted a one line blog, but today I managed to update my profile. I even added a picture. I've also determined that most people's blogs have a theme, and I've not decided on what is appropriate as my interests are quite varied.

Does anybody geocache? I'm striving to reach 200 today. I'm at 190 and a geocaching friend and I are striking out to finish a series today, and I have just got to find 9 more. There is a list that ranks cachers starting at 200. I really want to be on the list. Is it really important? Probably not in the whole scheme of things, but its a goal, and I want to achieve it. I've saved in my GPS 220 caches. Regardless of what my friend and I find today, I'll find a few more to make sure I can attain my goal to get on this list.

200 Is a goal for several reasons. I started caching on July 31, 2007. I found 100 in 6 months, I would like to find 200 by my anniversary. Then my goal will change to increase the level of difficulty of my finds. If I increase my Terrain rating I hope that it will increase my stamina and help me loose a few pounds. More about that later.

Well I'll report back, hopefully this evening, on my quest for 200. I would love to hear from fellow cachers world wide.