Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Jump Off

Alright lets have a candid conversation if we can. Lets talk about the jump off. You know, the woman a man has, or the womEn a man has, he goes to get his needs satisfied. She's not a steady woman, she doesn't get anything out of the deal and if she says she does, she's fooling no one but herself. The question then becomes, does she know she's a jump off and if so why is she so accepting?

Or.... Lets get down to it.

Does the man know, she knows she is the jump off? Or is he actually her jump off? How would man take it? Does he even care? Usually men think that they have a harem of women at the ready, just call up a chick, if he has to take her to dinner once, ok. But before 2 weeks is up, or whatever other arbitrary time he's set he's going to tap that booty. What happens when he finds out he's just another stallion in the stable?

Time to fess up ladies... do you have a stable? Are you opposed to having one? Do your men know? How do you think they would feel if they knew?
Men, how do you feel as the jump off? What? You didn't know?

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