Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've finally reached the stage in my life that I've come to value exercise. I've become more sedentary the older I've become and the metabolism isn't what she used to be. I've also become addicted to Coca Cola (the specific brand) and literally every time I drink one, I gain ounces. Instead of graciously filling up my womanly figure, the womanly figure is almost butterball like and totally unacceptable.
I first noticed the unseemliness of my hourglass figure when I took up caching. Its not so bad in urban settings, but get in the woods and this body doesn't really want to cooperate. I have yet to pass out, or just flat out stop, but I'd be less than honest if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind a time or two. My caching bud then decided that we should participate in The Great Urban Race and while I had a great time, in order to win, you have to run from location to location and running isn't in my sight at this moment. So I've known for some time that I have to take drastic changes, but I hate to exercise. I hate to sweat! For years I've said the only exercise I'm willingly interested in participating in will be sex and now that I'm not even getting that... I've had to reconsider my position. (Pun totally intended.)
Meanwhile, it seems the world around me is becoming obsessed with diet and exercise. I've always maintained the position of live life to the fullest, enjoy every minute of it, eat what you want, drink what you want and be merry. I've also maintained I have to die of something, and die I shall so.... While I'm not changing position necessarily, I'm willing to change a partner or two. I've resigned myself to one coke a day and I've been at it for three weeks now. I've signed myself up for the Biggest Loser - NSBC (my church team) and so I have teammates who are counting on me. I have noticed some change with the deletion of 2 or 3 cokes a day, so I've decided to try to exercise more. I've starting a walking program at home. So many physicians have recommended http://www.lesliesansone.com/ to my friends, I obtained a DVD and have, for the past two days, embarked upon a walking journey.
Now to be honest, I really didn't think I'd sweat just from walking in place basically. Let me be the first to tell you, that yes I do get a workout from following the DVD. It might be slow but slow and steady will win the race, I'm sure. It was because of my exercise routine last night, 3 miles of strenuous walking, I failed to have the required energy to write a blog last night. I was bathed, powdered, fed and asleep at 8:30pm last evening. Using this DVD is another of my 21 day habit forming changes. Doing something is better than the nothing I'd previously committed to.
Now truth be told, if I get some of my womanly figure back, I can get someone to accomplish my sex only exercise plan LOLOLOL. A girl can hope, can't she?

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