Friday, July 11, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Life changes so much but have you ever stepped back to take notice? So many things have happened in the past 365 days and oddly I marked the time in a rather unique way, the growth of the hair on my Maltese. I'll start by showing her picture 1 year ago today. She had to undergo a near scalping, due to my mismanagement of her care on a week long, 1500 mile car trip. Cocoa's long hair required daily care so I was heart sick when her groomer said he couldn't save her beautiful hair after we found other more interesting things to do besides brushing hair.

In the next 365 days, a lot more things have changed besides the loss of hair. I've acquired so much. I gained a home, I've gained friendships, I've seen the renewing of life through a person receiving a liver transplant, the birth of nephews and neices etc. I've lost loved ones who even in their departure saw fit to bless others with their organs. I've been a shoulder to cry on, and through friends, I've had a shoulder to lean on too.

I've learned that love is an action verb. I've learned that its great to tell someone you love them, but the greatest gift of love is to show it. I've learned more and more just how much value complete honesty has on me as an individual. I understand that not everyone is capable of disclosing the truth, but as you are able, one should strive to.

A black man is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party... In my life time! I think of my great grandparents who raised me, the stories they told of sit-ins, marches and other acts they took so that I and those who come after could be seen as equal. How I wish their life would have extended so that they could be alive to see 2008.

In conclusion, there is a gospel song that is ringing in my ears today. The lyrics in part, read: When I turn around, and I think things over, all of my good days outweigh my bad days, I won't complain! My what a difference 365 days makes.

Here is a picture of my baby Cocoa today!

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