Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bull Riding

Funny title I know, but just bear with me. I am always a student, I enjoy learning new things so I seek those things which I might not normally expose myself to. Though I hadn't expected to learn something new and different today, after a long weekend, I availed myself to meeting with a friend for dinner. After dinner we retired to my house and as a person with manners should do, I offered the remote to my guest. Imagine my shock when the picture came to rest upon the Professional Bull Riding circuit. I was stunned even further when my guest was knowledgeable about the goings on of riding a bull. Bring out the feathers, you could have knocked me over with one as curiosity got the better of me and I asked questions on the intricacies of the sport. My guest was knowledgeable enough to answer them with shocking clarity. How many of you know how long a rider must remain on the bull? How many of you know that a rider can only have one hand on the bull? What makes the bull buck? Did you know there are professional women bull riders? I must admit bull riding would have never been on my radar screen, I would have never stopped my surfing on the sports channel and spent ANY amount of time watching but its good to learn new things and for that it turned into an enjoyable evening. By the time all of my questions were answered, I even managed to turn the conversation toward a statement full of double entendre and received hearty laughter from my teacher.

Even a topic such as bull riding can be found to be interesting, what information have you found intriguing that you normally have not given second thought to? Or do you quickly file the information you learn into the "useless information" file.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon! I just hopped over from The Compact to say hello...

In response to this post:
I am also always amazed what I can learn from people that I never suspected would know, or be interested in, certain things. In fact, I have learned a lot from you on the list about the funeral industry.

FWIW, I am a former professional horse person (one of my previous lives and professions). I rode in rodeos for years. So, here's another person that you wouldn't suspect would know the answers to your questions.

How many of you know how long a rider must remain on the bull?

8 seconds (also the title of a fabulous rodeo movie about Lane Frost)

How many of you know that a rider can only have one hand on the bull?

Yep! And they're basically tied in! Bull ropes, rosin, and gloves all work together and if you're lucky you can even turn loose when you want to.

What makes the bull buck?

Bucking straps and spurs!

I've even been to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). Any chance you get to go to Vegas and work while having fun is a good thing!