Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy days of summer and its just starting!

I have cage fever. I go to work every day, have work to do, but outside in the sunshine is so much more fulfilling at this moment. Sad but true. I'm sure others feel the same way I do about it, so I'm interested in hearing what you do to combat the lazy days of summer. I need suggestions.

To finish a thought from a previous blog, Cacheing....I did attain my 200th cache, but I should probably mention that its hot as hades outside in Hotlanta so this isn't the best time to get aquainted with nature. I will recommend the Camelbak ( though. Last year I was green to the heat and humidity of the forest and if it wasn't for my sheer excitement over caching I would have been perfectly happy just fainting. Carrying water bottles was heavy, and cumbersome and going down a hill was a lot easier than coming up and something about tilting my head back to get the last precious drops of water while walking up the hill produced vertigo. I splurged, bought a backpack and a bladder (yeah that is what it is called) and it has made all the difference.

My last comment of the day, they say that doing anything repeatedly over 21 days forms a habit. As this is my 3rd entry... the 3rd time is the charm. Consider this day 1 on my 21 days to making blogging a habit. I'm even going to add my blogger address to my signature, with readership comes encouragement to continue. LOL.


Alabama Book Worm said...

Good luck on the 21 days! I love to blog, I always mean to add an entry and then time gets away from me. It is hard to stay focused sometimes.

Kim said...

Let us know if you got the 200! It is hot as Hades in Charleston too, and I LOVE it.

AwesomeAfrican said...

You go Sharon :-)