Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cell Phone Technology

Alright, another confession. I'm a techie geek. All things technology I absorb like a sponge. (Consider this a warning, my blogs might be top heavy in this category) So I'm always interested in reading (and probably purchasing) new gadgets which will make my life so much easier. I've been a fan of Palm ( for years. I love the versatility of either using my creativity and tech savvy to create a functional program based on my personal need or using the creativity of others who have already invented the wheel so to speak, to come up with what I need. There are very few open source products on the market so I jump on them when I can. I started with Palm when it was THE handheld Personal Digital Assistant. The device large and clunky, the screen dimmed as only a true monochrome device can be. It weighed a ton, but it kept my contacts and appointment secure and at a fingers reach. I moved up to the Handspring Visor when they moved to 256 True Color brightness and I was the cats meow. I vacillated for a few years between my beloved music phone Nokia before finally taking the plunge with the Treo 650. Whatever was I waiting for? the functionality of a phone and the convenience of having an all in one device sent shivers through my spine.

Now another generation has come, the Centro. This time I didn't hesitate, I was there the DAY my cell phone carrier offered the Centro and I've been taken to heights of ecstasy previously unknown. Every day, I see new opportunity to make the Centro a more important part of my life than it has been. There are programs available that have helped me take Geocaching paperless, soon I hope to take it wireless as well. I have programs that help me manage ringtones -everybody can have their own sound, their picture will display when they call, and I can listen to the ENTIRE song when I get ready! Love it, I tell you, just love it. But one thing... I've literally spent all of this morning, putting my contacts into proper categories. I didn't know I had so many friends, family, business contacts and... I'm about to say it... nuisances! Yup I said it.

So here is where you can help me, surely I'm not the only person with problem people in their contact list! You know the folks that you want to know when they are calling so you don't have to answer? Come on, everybody has one or two folks who fit in the category. They can leave a message, you'll deal with them when YOU want to. People (or businesses) who call you but you have too much invested in your phone number to go out and get a different one. What group would you categorize these people in? It might be rude to name a category "Pest", or "People I don't wanna be bothered with" etc. I know I can give them a morphed acronym but really.... shouldn't I just spell out the category for what it is?

One other thing: any Centro users reading this blog, be sure to pipe in with the latest "gotta have it" programs you've discovered! A Techie Geek such as myself can never explore too much.

The mindless things I think about from day to day.... I'll talk about the Jawbone on a different day.

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